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Total Overdose .NAZ to .ZIP converter v1.0
Автор: CTPAX-X Team Размер: 5 КБ Скачали: 2706 Дата: 2008-11-01 09:57

Конвертер .NAZ архивов из игры Total Overdose в обычный .ZIP формат.

С исходными кодами на C.

Greetings to jTommy.

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 2009-09-15 13:48 Saw #1 

Спасибо тебе добрый незнакомец

 2016-03-03 12:17 AARYAN MEHTO #2 

Would it open ( blocks.naz ) in the game " total overdose "

Yes, it should open any of *.NAZ files from "Total Overdose". What's the problem?

 2016-11-30 19:54 Seif Ashmawi #3 

Hey Gunship if you saw this message. It means that I am the guy who send you e-mail on seifmagdi730(a)outlook.com. So you know it's me :). This works 100% so don't worry about viruses.

And what's that supposed to mean?.. Also all of our tools clean and virus free, most of them even comes with the source codes, so you can build binary executable by yourself if you don't trust our precompiled binaries.

 2016-12-16 14:25 Vladys #4 

Где же звуки оружия и предметов? В их папках только 2 звука...

Это было очень давно и игры сейчас ни у кого нет. Так что вот несколько предположений (каждое из них, а то и все вместе, могут оказаться неверными): либо не в том архиве искать нужно, либо это какой-то перевод игры, где всё перепаковали и перешифровали, либо звуки в каких-то своих псевдоконтейнерах или библиотеках, которые тоже распаковывать нужно (свой отдельный формат), либо формат не обычные .WAV / .MP3 / .OGG, а какие-нибудь .XMA и тому подобное, так что вот так просто сразу их не проиграть. К сожалению, больше ничем помочь не можем.

 2017-04-24 16:53 perdun #5 

А как-нибудь можно папку с файлами преобразовать в фаил .NAZ? если можно, то как? Есть такая прога?

К сожалению, ничем не можем помочь. Если упаковщик обратно в .NAZ и существует, то нам о нём неизвестно.

 2018-03-18 02:38 HsnCnKly #6 

How can I repack naz files? And how can I edit lang files?

Sorry but we didn't know and can't help you with that.

 2018-05-19 22:02 jump.exe TOD MOD #7 

Can I after editing the .model file repack all to blocks.naz again? I know everything is possible, but how? If there's is no way, then rip total overdose.

Sorry, we didn't know if there any already existing .NAZ packers. You can try to Google it. Also we can take a look into .NAZ format to figure out if there is a way to pack files back. But since it's large amount of work, are you ready to support it via donations? Because there are probably no one in our Team who will do it for free.

 2018-06-06 12:52 dtn #8 

Text language files in uk_sounds.naz archive (in root folder) are encrypted.

Probably I have somewhere working packer for naz archives. The question is, how much would you want for decrypting these language files?

There are easily readable ogg files inside, but encrypted text files.

Are you sure? Because uk_sounds.naz doesn't conatin anything inside except .OGG files. We looked at the game files and can confirm that there are no plain .TXT anywhere only mention of them in the resource files from the blocks.naz archive. It seems like text files are packed (maybe encrypted) with unknown method and it's insane amount of work to reverse it and create translation tools. Sorry to get your hopes up.

 2018-06-12 06:51 dtn #9 

If you look into pcgaming article of the title, deleting uk_sounds.naz and placing other language file there, also changes subtitles, not only sounds (all versions were dubbed). And I also checked it. There is whole language pack available to download. It only lacks Russian where it's written "only available in Russian retail copy" what can also mean, that maybe original installer was multi language, and possessed all languages, but just copying concrete xx_sounds.naz inside, activates corresponding subs, and Russian subs were exclusive, and not in international version. To eventually confirm that, it would be nice to have Russian version and place Russian file to see what's gonna happen. But I found other method. Replacing other language file with preserving uk_sound name. And you probably know what happened. It started to show English subtitles. There was no dialogues, but it's probably the matter of file names inside. Anyway, subtitles are not in uk_sounds, as it's name suggests... To easily recognise what is responsible for subtitles, it would be nice to have Russian version, and see what changed in comparison to international version, inside the files.

Yes. You can just rename uk_sounds.naz to, as example, it_sounds.naz and subtitle language in game should've changed. As about text it was inside .MAIN or .MAP files and it was compressed or encrypted (maybe both). And for Russian version - it's just extracted resource files, but text still in these .MAIN / .MAP format. So the Russian publisher probably have a language kit from the developer to pack/encrypt texts inside these files.

 2018-07-14 13:40 kamal rajput #10 

in total overdose weapon file not extract Why?

Are you sure? What version of the game you're using (retail, GOG, etc.)? Did you know what file contain weapon data? Also this tool updated as converter to .ZIP format.

 2019-08-22 10:42 Owltra #11 

The extractor is not working. Apparently it processes the .naz files but does not leave behind a .zip file. Is there a specific directory where the files end up?

Do not "drag'n'drop" files on a commandline tools because Windows will set current folder for the tool to somewhere in "My Documents" instead of the folder where the program was launched from. You should run such tools from the commandline or use "conv_all.bat" file instead. Also do not run anything from the "Program Files" folder because Windows may prevent you to write anything there. As the last resort you may search you computer for the converted .ZIP files: for example if you converted uk_sounds.naz you need to search for uk_sounds.zip file - if you find it then all other files should be there too.

 2019-09-11 00:47 dtn #12 

I remember that I was easily able to extract gun sounds, rather using this tool.

They are in ogg.

You're probably using some universal .OGG parser / finder / extractor.

 2020-10-24 12:21 help #13 

its not working for me when i run this nothing happens it wont starts help

If you install your game to the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folder this tool may not work (restricted access). In that case create separate folder (for example C:\TEST\), copy all *.NAZ files there, extract this tool archive to that folder too and run "conv_all.bat" file. Note that all files (*.NAZ archives and converter files) must be in the same folder - do not place converter to any subfolder. If you still have issues - please write details for what are you doing or we can't help since we need to know what exactly goes wrong.

 2021-09-12 19:06 Stephen roshan #14 

Greetings bro i was downloaded naztozip software for total overdose modding but whenever I try to install it it was not installing can you say what softwates required for this software like Microsoft visual c++ or some other softwares needed but when I try to install the cmd window opened and suddenly it closed please help me bro

You don't need to install anything. Just put "conv_all.bat" and "naztozip.exe" to the same folder with the game .NAZ files and run "conv_all.bat" - this will create a separate copy for each of the game .NAZ archive as converted .ZIP archive.

 2021-09-13 15:02 Stephen roshan #15 

Thanks bro now it works!!! And is there anyway to rebuild the .Naz file if any way is there means please say bro

We don't know if there are any rebuild or packer tools for .NAZ format but you can try one of the following: 1. unpack all archives to the game folder and move .NAZ files somewhere else (if we assuming the game support work with unpacked files if no .NAZ archives found); 2. pack all files back to .ZIP archive and rename it to .NAZ (if we assuming the game also support original .ZIP format); 3. if both of this didn't work - you can take the source codes in "naztozip.c" examine it and try to write your own rebuild / packer tool - our work is open-source so the people can easily modify it to their own needs.

 2022-03-20 15:14 Stephen roshan #16 

Hi bro I have everything for total overdose modding and I replaced everything for my mod project now the only problem for me is . Naz files rebuilder tool I know it will take much more time but please help me bro or you send tutorial videos or information about how to write our own rebuilder tool please bro

Sorry, but unfortunately we are too busy right now for anything to do.

 2022-09-17 15:48 Stephen roshan #17 

Bro are you free now for to make the unpacker for the naz file

We tested the game and that is what you should do:

1. Convert all .NAZ files to .ZIP with our tool.

2. Move out of the game folder all original .NAZ files.

3. Change anything you want in the .ZIP archives.

4. Change (just rename) .ZIP archive extension from .ZIP to .NAZ for all files.

The game will work with the .ZIP archives renamed to .NAZ just fine.

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